Welcome to my place on the internet


This is my proposal for achieving world peace


My other projects...

My first website is a photographic tribute to a famous San Francisco landmark, the Cliff House.  It's a nice place to get lost if you're the nostalgic sort...


My proposal for eliminating single-use plastics...


My vision of transportation...


Sometimes you need evolution, sometimes you need revolution.
This is my proposal for revolution.


Expertvoter.org was a simple grid full of youtube videos, the candidates names on the top, the issues on the left.


I created this because I see my country headed in too many wrong directions.  And it won't turn around until we drop the bias against candidates not wearing elephant or donkey buttons.

This illustrates an important principle of democracy - it's not a guarantee of wise governance, only of the potential for it.


And my true love, gardening...


I live in California.  I'm a software developer at a local construction company.  I did videogames in a past life.


“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.”
-- Mahatma Gandi