Cliff House Project

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Glass Pane
Photos courtesy of Megan Clifford

This pane of glass is allegedly from the roof of the Sutro Baths.  One side has
a wave pattern and the reverse has a scored lines pattern...

Side 1 - waves

Side 2 - fine scoring lines

The dimensions are 86" x 21" x 1/4" thick as documented below...

Length: 86"

Width: 21"

Thickness: 1/4"


This pane was purchased on ebay (Jan 2009).  The original text of the auction read as follows...

"Up for auction is a very rare piece of Sutro Baths, I have one of the last complete panes of glass from the famous San Francisco Sutro Baths. Before the fire in June of 1966 the Baths were being torn down, one of the workers salvaged many panes of glass. There were hundreds of this glass that were used on the walls and the roof of Sutros. The glass was stored for many years in a field in Haft Moon Bay, a tree fell over and broke many of them but not all. A friend of mine picked up 6 of them back in 1986. All but one was broken at his house, I got the glass from him back in 1996. The glass is 86" long and 21" wide there are lines going down on one side of the glass."


According to John Hall the dimensions of this pane are consistent with the roof design...


Image from "A Day at the Seaside: San Francisco's Sutro Heights, Cliff House, and Sutro Baths", Ariel R. Okamoto




Glass fragments known to come from the ruins
Courtesy of Christine Miller