Cliff House Project


Charles J. Colley
Researcher by: Desmond Smith

C. J. Colley
SF Evening Post, Oct 27 1894
CA Historical Society Collection

Charles J Colley (1850–1928) was in his mid-forties at the time of the commission for the Cliff House. He had worked as a millwright and carpenter prior to setting up as an architect. His strength seems to have been in the role of Superintendent and running jobs. Prior to working with Lemme, he had worked with a partner named Gould on various buildings in Woodland, California and in San Francisco. Their most celebrated building is Nobby Clark’s Folly, 250 Douglas St in Eureka Valley.

After the split with Lemme, Colley continued to practice in San Francisco for the remainder of his career until his death aged 78 in 1928.

Desmond Smith