Early Aerial View
Estimated 1909 - 1922


Aircraft analysis (2/2018):  Just a wing with many flying wires and upright straight wing struts right on the wing tip end.  Looks to have square wing tip and maybe part of an aileron in the upper right corner.  It's an early airplane, maybe 1910/11.  Something similar to this image of a Curtis Pusher.


Analysis by John Martini:  The waffle stand is still visible, dating this photo between 1909 (Cliff House construction) and June 1922 (completion of work on Point Lobos Ave).  The following photos are used to establish the range...


Reverse: "taken at Cliff House 1921"
(waffle house visible)






(waffle house visible)

Widening and paving of Point Lobos Ave, ultimately completed June 1922
Courtesy Dennis O'Rorke
(waffle house gone)



aerial view