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Lengeman Album

In February of 2006 an extraordinary Victorian album became available on ebay.  It contained hundreds of one-of-a-kind photographs taken by a Mr. George Lengeman, a resident of "Butchertown" (south San Francisco).  It came to my attention because of it's Cliff House photographs, but was especially notable in it's coverage of the 1906 earthquake.  After much scrambling, a group of us pooled our resources to purchased the album.  Once the photographs were scanned, the collection was sold to the Society of California Pioneers, thus assuring it's preservation for future generations.  While I would love to post the entire collection here, but I do not have the storage space to do so.  Instead I've posted the Cliff House photographs, plus a handful of the other more interesting images.  Special thanks for my fellow historians for all their hard work cataloging the collection, and to the Society of California Pioneers for adding the album to their collection.    - gary  4-19-06










Other images from the Lengeman collection...