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Lifesaving Station Boat Ramp



Image courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke

close-up of ramp



Life Boat Station  (reverse)
Sender on reverse:  "Edith F. Owens, 1350 Dolores St., San Francisco, Cal."
Image courtesy of Frank Mitchell


(WNPCHP WNP136.22)



San Francisco Chronicle - Dec 17 1893
John Martini (5-7-2020)  "This clipping is about the opening of Southside Station, which was located just south of the present zoo. Itís gone without a trace."


San Francisco Call - 5-14-1899
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San Francisco Call - 10 Feb 1901
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Storm Wrecks Boat Ramp
Feb 23, 1902

Broken Life Saving Runway
Photograph courtesy of Allison Bruce


San Francisco Call - 24 February 1902


The San Francisco Examiner - Jul 30 1902


Lifeboat Postcards