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Cliff House Cottage


Original location prior to move...

Carriage Sheds, Cliff House Cottage in background with open porch


Image courtesy of Grace Winterton


John Martini Collection


Online Archive of California (link)


Online Archive of California (link)





At this point the Cliff House Cottage structure appears to have been moved across the street.


John Martini analysis (1/30/2020)

"The Cliff Cottage stood on the exact location of the future Greek Temple entrance to Sutro Baths on Cliff Road/Pt. Lobos Ave. Once the decision was made to create the Greek Temple, the Cottage had to be demolished or moved.  The below illustration from the SF Call of 27 August 1893 shows the Baths under construction and the Cottage still in place...

A similar photo taken after completion...

My research indicates the Greek Temple was a late addition to the Baths, either because the original main entrance concept (under the rotunda with its twin cupolas) was scrapped in favor of the Temple entrance, or Sutro’s workers just waited until very late in the project to add the Temple."


circa 1896 photo of Cliff House, Sutro Baths, and Cliff House Cottage in the new location across the street


Aerial view from 1921, Cliff House Cottage in background


1921 Cliff House Cottage 2-8-21 (SFPL DPW 6843)


Newspaper references...



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This notice was published on several dates, ultimately being appended by the below amendment...

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Sale from Butler to Sutro


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The Cliff House Cottages were damaged in the Parallel Explosion
To learn more click here

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Illustration of damage
(full article)

photo illustrating damage
Online Archive of California (link)


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News story on the 1894 Christmas Fire (learn more here)


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Reference in news reporting of the Cliff House destruction by fire (click here for more)