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Stereoviews were very popular at the turn of the century.  And considering how very few years the Victorian Cliff House existed, there were a surprisingly large number of stereo photographs taken of the structure…


Courtesy of Frank Mitchell

Same image as above but different cropping
Courtesy of Frank Mitchell



from Ocean Beach...


Courtesy of Frank Mitchell


by moonlight...


from Sutro Heights...


amateur views...

  July 9 1904 (reverse)  

glass stereoviews



Glass stereoview, courtesy of Thomas Anschütz Much/Germany
Exhibit link (German) (English)
More on August Fuhrmann's invention (German) (English)
Still more:  (German) (English)

"Ship Entering the Golden Gate, San Francisco, Calif."
Later (1909) Cliff House


If you have a pair of those blue/red 3D glasses, here's a movie showing stereoviews converted to anaglyphs

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