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Outbuildings which existed at current Sutro Heights parking lot

The Examiner - 30 Jan 1893
From a story arguing that a proposed pumping station would be no less unsightly than Sutro structures in the vicinity (full story here).


1899 Sanborn map showing location of outbuildings
(hover mouse over map for satellite view)


Stable Property

Sutro Estate 1910, no. 30, Stable (GOGA 18443)

John Martini  (12/30/2020):  "There were two kinds of stables at Sutro Heights: a barn-type building where working animals were kept (like dray horses and mules) and a much nicer stable where the valuable, highly-bred horses were kept. At Sutro Heights the working barn was down in the parking lot area and the high-end stable was across from Sutro Heights on Anza St near 48th Avenue. The high-end stable house was extra large because it held horses on the first floor with a hay loft above, and (from the looks of it) housing for grooms and other Heights staff."


Map showing location of Stable property



San Francisco Chronicle - Dec 23 1887

San Francisco Chronicle - 02 Apr 1889



San Francisco Call - 29 Dec 1920

Santa Cruz Evening News - 30 Dec 1920


The Cliff House and Seal Rocks
William A. Coulter, 1875

The Humboldt Times - 14 July 1921