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Dolce far Niente

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"Dolce far Niente" is an Italian phrase meaning "It's sweet doing nothing".
This structure was build about 1881 under the direction of Adolph Sutro. 
It survived until the WPA demolished it in 1939.



California Historical Society Collection


Image courtesy of Richard Monaco, grandson of J.B. Monaco
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"Pt Lobos Ave - Top of Sutro Hts Slide - Looking south  2-24-25"


ebay image

ebay image



ebay image



"July 30-15"
Image courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke


Image courtesy of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival
This image is from the recently discovered silent film titled "San Francisco, The Golden Gate City".  This short stencil colored piece from 1925 was recently uncovered at EYE Filmmuseum in the Netherlands, and SFSFF is restoring the piece in collaboration with EYE! The new restoration will screen at SFSFF2020 in November.



- Newspaper Clippings -


Colusa Daily Sun - 30 August 1894


The San Francisco Examiner - Mar 7 1917



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