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Daily Alta California - 7 Sept 1868


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San Francisco Chronicle - Mar 22 1871


Champagne Bath

Foster's Cliff House was sometimes known for the extravagance of it's
customers, like the purported "Champagne Bath"

San Francisco Chronicle - Mar 2 1891

The San Francisco Examiner - May 27 1892

San Jose herald - 6 March 1895



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  Other Print References 


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From book "Beautiful Old San Francisco", online at California State Library


Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 1872
"CALIFORNIA - How to go There and What to See By The Way, by Charles Nordhoff"


This engraving was taken from a page of an old history book, Pecularities of American Cities by Captain Willard Glazier, 1886.  Engravings were common in books during the 19th century, before photos became more economical. The image was scratched into wood or metal and then used to make the print on the paper.

Update: this same engraving also appears in a book titled "The Golden State" by McClellan, published 1872


Drawn by Charles Graham
Harper's Weekly,  April 30 1887


Stoddard, 9-15-1893