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King Kalakaua Visits Cliff House


Daily Alta California
December 1, 1874

KING KALAKAUA'S LEVEES. Reception of Array aad Navy Offloera — Vlalt to the' California Theatre— Serenade by tae Second Regiment. Yesterday morning Kalakaua and suite visited (rsph'a taken snd Inspecting the sights ot the gallery Tbe oOteul titles of each member composing the party were as follows t His Majesty King Kalakaua, of tha Hawaiian Isl. ands, &nl«ht lirud Ueosa """-k-mtha 1., Knight Orani Cross Francis Joseph, etc., etc. of O.bu, Knight Oraad Cross Kamehsmeha 1., Knight Oommander Pxancis Joaepb , Jantfht bpaniab' Order Isabella Oatollca. His Excellency O >v?mor John M. Kapena, Uov. crnor of Maul, Kc'ght Companion Kameh&meha I. His Excellency Hon. il A. Poire*. C. J. Minister, resident Hawaiian Island, member of the Maa.acl.u-aana Society of Cincinnati. Hon. H. W. Severance, Hawaiian consul, ,San Francisco. THE LSVXU. At noon the leveea of His Majesty commenced In the large parlors of tbe Grand Hotel- Bui Majesty and Qoveraurs Dominls and Kapena war. attired In military uniforms, with tue decatattoae of tbetr Orders snd red sasbes. Minister Felroe and Consul Severance acted at Masters of Ceremonies. The first hour was devoted to receiving subjects of Hawaii and citizens who had formerly resided in the At one o'clock, officers of the Navy, in full uniform, were ushered Into the King's presence. Bear- Admiral Rogers, Commandant of Mare Island Navy Yard, Rear-Admiral Almy, commanding the North Pacific Fleet, Capt. Patterson, Of the ship InJ.pmimrt Oominoaores Fltxuugh and Watsoc, Fay Inspector Fulton, Medical Inspector Brown, Paymaster Caawell, Lieutenants Cutts, Kennedy and Mason, Midshipman K. J. l>oran. At two o'clock the officers of the Army, In uniform, were received, the fallowing being present : Major- General Schofield, Colonel Wherry, l)r. McOeruilck, Colonel Msndell, Colonel Stewart, Colonel Mayer Major NstMß, General Barns, General Wilson, Lieut' eoants Mai lory, Michler and Ennis. His Majesty and party received hla visitor* with becoming dignity, and abutted pleasantly with all makinga very favorable Impression. IK IBS evi»:»u t \ His Majesty and party attended the California Theatre, and ware received with due honors, as elsewhere narrated. 1 It had been announced that the Second Infantry Regiment, with the Fourth Artillery Band would' arrive before tht. fjraad Hotel at half past Un o'clok to serenade Ul* Vaje.ty. At that tinto a great crow* had (fathered, out by the tint* tba) regiment arrived. The regiment was formed in front of the hotel, tbe Band playing the Hawaiian National Hymn, and His Majesty appearing at ono of tb* window* afhia parlors. The regiment then ill diwisaad. TO-PAT The Royal party will be the guest of Mayor Otis. la tb* forenoon, if the weather is favorable. His Honor takes the party out for a drive to the Golden Gate Park and Cliff House, in the afternoon a reception will be given at the Mayor* residence. In the evenlUa His Majesty will receive the Consular Corp. at the Grand Hotel. To-morrow the party takes a trip around the bay to Alcatraz and Mare Island. Mr. Cox, agent of the Pacific Mall Company baa tendered to Mayor Otis the steamer I'adJU fee the trip.


SF Daily Evening Bulletin, December 1, 1874:

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"THE ROYAL PARTY. Honors paid to the King and Suite. A Royal Ride To The Cliff. ... Toward noon the King, Governor Dominis, Governor  Kapena, United States minister Pierce and H. W. Severance, the Hawaiian Consul, according to the prior acceptance of an invitation, assumed seats in barouches for a ride to the ocean beach. Splendid teams were provided for the royal ride, and, considering the beauty of the weather, the excursion could not fail to furnish the anticipated pleasure. The party passed into Golden Gate Park, along its winding avenues, and finally took the road to the beach. His Majesty expressed his pleasure at the views obtained and pronounced the ride agreeable in every respect. The programme for the return ride included a halt at the Alms house."


SF Chronicle, December 2, 1874:

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"KING KALAKAUA. Safely Through with Another Day of Royalty. His Majesty On the Road. ... The formal business of the day began with a ride to the Cliff House, for which ample preparations were made by Mayor Otis. The carriages were elegant, and the horseflesh worthy of the reputation of the State. The party consisted of the King, Governor Dominis, Governor Kapena, Consul Severance, Mayor Otis, Ex-Mayor Alvord and J.C. Merrill. The morning was delightful for the excursion, and the route admirably chosen. The party were driven out the road to the Cliff House, thence to the Ocean House, and back through the Park to this city, diverging briefly to the Almshouse. The stay at each place was limited. His Majesty expressed himself as greatly pleased with all that he saw, and his suite were equally gratified. The party reached the city about 2 o'clock."


Daily Alta California, December 2, 1874:

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"REX. An Excursion to the Cliff House -- Entertainment Given by Mayor Otis. ... About noon the King, Governor Dominis, Governor Kapena, United States Minister Pierce and the Hawaiian Consul, H. W. Severance, accompanied by His Honor James Otis, Mayor of the city, entered barouches at the Grand Hotel and were driven out to the Cliff House. Nearly an hour was spent at this favorite place of resort, and the party then visited the Alms House. ..."


SF Daily Morning Call, December 2, 1874:

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Shortly before eleven o'clock in the forenoon, the visitors started on a drive to the ocean beach. Two handsome equipages, each with four-in-hand, were provided for the drive, and the party included the King, Governor, Dominis, Governor Kapena, Hon. H. W. Severance, the Hawaiian Consul, Mayor Otis, and ex-Mayor Alvord. United States Minister Pierce, who had been somewhat fatigued by  by the receptions and visits of the previous day denied himself the pleasure of participating in the drive and spent a quiet forenoon at the hotel to recuperate his energies. The honorable gentleman consoled himself with the reflection that the portion of the peninsula visited retained about the same bearings, and that the garrison of the Seal Rock was kept up at about the same standard as when first observed by him some forty five years ago.
     "The party drove through the Golden Gate Park and greatly enjoyed the scenery of that prospectively grand reservation. Thence they proceeded to the Cliff House, where a short stay was made and a lunch partaken of. Returning, the royal party again alighted at the Palace of Indigence, yclept the Alms House, and met with a reception in keeping with the famed hospitality of he institution, or rather of Superintendent Keating. The route back to the city was by the Mission road, affording a magnificent prospect from the hills."