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"The President, Mrs. Harrison & party"
Apr 27, 1891

On the Parapet of Sutro Heights, April 27, 1891




Adolph Sutro with President & Mrs. Harrison party, April 27, 1891, Sutro Heights
L-R: John Wanamaker, Col. George H. Mendell (?), unknown, unknown, Adolph Sutro, President Harrison, Mrs. Harrison, remaining unknown.

Marilyn Blaisdell Collection


"THE PRESIDENT, MRS. HARRISON & PARTY, On the Parapet of Sutro Heights, April 27th 1891"


Further details of President Harrison's visit were located in a reference book entitled...


Courtesy of Ron Weir, Collector's Cache


book spine

luncheon menu

seating chart




12 Gala Banquet Menu's in Slipcase

Presented by the Book Club of California in 1950 to their Members as a Free Premium for their faithful support. 12 original folders, each one containing a reproduction of the menu for a lavish feast to honor some special occasion, done in 10 X 6 1/2-inch format. Each folder contains four pages of descriptive text plus the menu, and is contained in the original slipcase for this annual (slipcase is constructed of blue chemise over boards with leather labels bearing gilt imprinting affixed to the spine). The set was edited by Joseph Henry Jackson and was a limited run of 850 sets, printed by Anderson & Ritchie.

The twelve temping banquets are:

  1. The menu of a welcome home dinner given to Lieutenant James W. Carlin, U.S.N by his friends of the Bohemian Club in 1889 at which Rudyard Kipling was present. Commentary by Joseph Henry Jackson
  2. The dinner menu of the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, on the evening of Wednesday, September 10, 1879 together with a list of their wines. Commentary by Lucius Beebe
  3. The menu of a complimentary banquet to Hon. Anson Burlingame and the Chinese Ambassador at the Lick House, San Francisco, Tuesday, April 28, 1868. Commentary by Oscar Lewis
  4. The menu of the Sixth Annual Dinner of the San Francisco Medical Benevolent Society at the Baldwin on Saturday, January 31, 1880. Commentary by Salvatore Lucia.
  5. The menu of a journalistic and typographical banquet at the French Rotisserie, Virgina City, Nevada, on March 23, 1879. Commentary supplied by Phil Townsend Hanna.
  6. The bill of fare and wine list of the St. Francis Hotel, San Fancisco, for Saturday, January 19, 1850. Commentary by Lawton Mackall. Then, as now, one of the finest restaurants and hotels in the world.
  7. The menu of a luncheon given for the President of the United States, Benjamin F. Harrison, at Sutro Heights on April 27, 1891. Commentary by Lindley Bynum
  8. The menu of a banquet for the Grand Commandery of California Knights Templar at the Occidental Hotel on Tuesday, October 18, 1864. Commentary by M.F.K. Fisher
  9. The bill of fare for the Pacific Mail Steamship, "Tennessee" for November 23, 1851. Commentary by Robert O'Brien
  10. Free lunch and commercial lunch menus of the Palace of Art, San Francisco. How long has it been since anyplace has offered a "Free Lunch" in your neighborhood? Commentary by Francis Lewis Gould
  11. Programme and bill of fare for the Midwar Plaisance Cafe and Vaudeville Theatre, week of July 3, 1899. Commentary by Henry Perry.
  12. Table d'hote menu and music program for Bilkanco's, November 7, 1907. Commentary by Ruth Teiser.

Going to the city to attend a banquet, the theatre, or just a fine dinner, was a special event then, just as it is now. These reminders of days gone by are fantastic tributes to the culinary skills and imagination of the chefs and menu planners of that era. Your mouth will be watering by the time you finish reading these interesting glimpses back in time.


Finally, President Harrison's Trip Itinerary...


From the collection of John Hall


San Francisco Chronicle - 27 Apr 1891
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SF Chronicle - 28 Apr 1891
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Daily Alta California - 28 Apr 1891
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